Health Secretary Gallagher: Let Medical Cannabis Save Lives in New Mexico

This Friday, November 3, the Department of Health will hold a public hearing on a petition to approve opioid use disorder as a qualifying condition for the medical cannabis program. We’re going to hold a press conference and hand-deliver your names to the hearing. Sign our petition: tell Health Secretary Lynn Gallagher to let people struggling with opioid dependence to access medical cannabis. 

Petition to NM Secretary of Health Lynn Gallagher:

Opioid addiction and overdose deaths in New Mexico continue to rise. Clinicians, patients and community advocates agree that the treatments and tools available are not enough. New Mexicans deserve access to the medicine that works for them, and many report that medical cannabis helps them decrease dependence on illicit and prescription opioids.

Medical cannabis should be an available treatment option for people who are suffering from addiction to substances, especially those who have problems with opioid use. Cannabis can alleviate withdrawal symptoms that come with decreasing or stopping opioid, alcohol, or use of other drugs. It makes eating and sleeping easier, has calming and pain relieving effects.

Lives are on the line. Approve this petition without delay so that New Mexicans struggling with addiction and dependence can have access to a beneficial medicine.