Tell The Biden Administration: Marijuana Must Be Decriminalized

President Biden promised to decriminalize marijuana at the national level. Now, the Biden Administration’s Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has proposed moving marijuana from Schedule I (most restrictive) to Schedule III (less restrictive), which would maintain its criminalization under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). This would continue the country’s failed approach on marijuana and fail to deliver the comprehensive reform that impacted communities and marijuana businesses need. Biden must call for marijuana to be removed from the CSA altogether.

As long as marijuana is scheduled on the CSA, the harms that come with marijuana criminalization will also continue.

Submit public comment below to tell the Biden Administration marijuana must be descheduled. A shift to Schedule III isn’t enough. Biden must deliver on marijuana decriminalization, invest in communities, repair the harms caused by the war on drugs, and treat state-licensed marijuana businesses like all other American businesses.

Personal messages are powerful, so if you are able, please consider editing this message to reflect your views.

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