Tell Rep. Pete Sessions — NO to his drug war agenda

Attorney General Jeff Sessions may be waging a public war against marijuana, but we have another Sessions to contend with, a much quieter one with an insidious agenda to ramp up the drug war. Using his power as the chair of the House Rules Committee, Rep. Pete Sessions is blocking popular amendments to expand and protect legal marijuana from making it to the House floor, thus blocking us from even having a vote on our key issues.

This has to stop.

Because of Rep. Pete Sessions’ obstructionism, there have been no votes on marijuana reform on the floor of Congress for more than a year. Blocking lawmakers from voting on this issue is wrong. It halts our progress and prevents voters from knowing where their representatives stand on crucial reforms that would allow veteran’s access to medical marijuana, protect states from federal interference, expand research into marijuana health benefits and end the drug war, once and for all.

Sign our petition now to tell Rep. Pete Sessions his outdated, destructive agenda must end.