Trump and Sessions Advocating Death Penalty in Name of the Drug War

Tell Congress: Stand Against Harsh Drug Penalties

President Trump just announced his plan for opioid addiction and the overdose crisis. He repeated calls for ever-harsher drug penalties and resurrecting disproven fearmongering campaigns aimed at youth – harmful policies with disastrous track records. He took his escalation of the drug war to a whole new level by calling for the death penalty for people who sell drugs. And Sessions just made it official with a memo telling prosecutors to seek the death penalty in certain drug trafficking cases.

Killing people in the name of the drug war is inhumane and unconscionable. And doubling down on the drug war by increasing prison terms for opioids and other drugs will just make the overdose crisis worse.

It’s time to expand harm reduction services and effective treatment, and implement proven measures like the establishment of safe consumption services, drug checking, syringe access programs, 911 Good Samaritan laws and evidence-based drug education.

As Trump and Sessions accelerate the drug war, we need you to fight back. Tell Congress to oppose failed policies that will make the overdose crisis worse and to adopt the solutions that will save lives.

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